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Top 5 ways to protect your dash from the Arizona sun.

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Your dashboard is one of the first parts of your car’s interior you — as well as your front-seat passenger — see when entering. However, the dash is often overlooked during routine car cleanings. If you’re wondering how to clean a car dashboard, Rinse n Ride is here to help! Check out our guide below to learn more about what you’ll need and the steps to take to get your car's dash sanitary and sparkling clean!

Cleaning the Car Dashboard: Materials & Steps

Start by cruising through one of our washes and make sure the inside is just as clean as the outside. Next you will need:

  • Our FREE vacuums. Our vacuums are some of the strongest in the state; cheerio tested and classic car approved.
  • Our FREE microfiber towels to wipe down and clean your dash. While others charge for towels, we include them for free with every wash.
  • Our exclusive disinfectant spray so your interior can be clean and germ free.

Once you have all of the above materials, follow these steps to get your car’s dashboard looking its best:

  1. Use the vacuum to suck up any dust and debris from the dashboard, so you have a clean surface.
  2. Take our microfiber cloth and wipe the dashboard, as well as the steering wheel, shift knob, handbrake, and other hard surfaces inside your vehicle.
  3. Cleaning small crevices, such as air vents, can be tricky and you’ll need something other than a cloth. You can use a soft paintbrush to clean your air vents and other parts of your car’s interior that are too delicate for hard-bristle brushes.
  4. Add our exclusive disinfectant spray (available in our venting machines at all of our locations) periodically to keep things sanitized! Add a favorite car air freshener for a finishing touch! Later, you can also use dryer sheets to wipe down your dash and keep it fresh and clean.

The most important thing in this process is frequency. You don't want your dash to build up weeks of dust and debris between cleaning. If you have any questions or want more tips on how to clean dashboard surfaces and crevices effectively, Rinse n Ride can help!

Rely on Rinse n Ride for Easy DIY Car Care Tips!

From showing you how to clean inside of a car dashboard with a paintbrush to giving you tips like how to use Coca-Cola to clean rust off your car, we love sharing our knowledge about easy and cheap car maintenance hacks.

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